The Difficulty with Being a Bridge Builder (Especially After the 2016 Election) by Onnesha Williams

  (Big Sigh) As Crystal and I resumed our conversation on race, the first since the historic election of 2016, I find myself taking deep breaths while having deep thoughts. After diving deep on the issues and being drained from our talk, we decided we would simply post about the difficulties of being bridge builders on this […]

10 Seconds by Onnesha Williams

A quest for socks has shaken me to my core. It happened while getting the boys ready for their day. They have the responsibility of dressing themselves and doing a small chore before they can get to the fun of being out for the summer months. They have both accepted this responsibility well and my […]

Mothers and “Black Mothers” by Crystal Valentine

I am sure that the last thing the world – or the internet- needs is more ink spilled over the two recent tragedies in the headlines involving children and animals. First, there was the story of the three-year-old boy who fell into the gorilla enclosure at the Cincinatti Zoo, culminating in the fatal shooting of […]

Did She Just Touch My Hair? by Onnesha Williams

How do we discuss the issue of race and beauty in one setting? How do I write one blog on this issue? It is clear that there is such a broad spectrum of conversation on what is beauty and how it impacts us as women, and adding race to that makes it an oceanic topic. […]

It’s Not Because You’re Black, It’s Because He’s Gay by Onnesha Williams

Thrown off by the title? Well I was thrown off by a statement made by a white female general manager of a popular local coffee joint when she explained that the rude behavior of the site manager (who yelled at me and my other African American friend after they got our food order wrong) was […]

Ain’t We All Women? by Crystal Valentine

When Onnesha and I talked race in February, we discussed the complexities of quantifying and qualifying the role of racism in interpersonal conflicts. It was admittedly an uncomfortable conversation to have. While I wasn’t able to completely relate to some of the experiences that Onnesha described, I drew parallels to my experience as a woman […]